Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Era:Disney Aquires Marvel Comics


Disney Aquires Marvel Comics for 4 billion dollars. Buyouts these days are inevitable. When I started working at my current employer it was a smaller company. We were bought out by a world wide company and things do change, but you have to keep on trucking. Marvel now has more money behind it. I'm curious to see how this will effect the Marvel Studios Movies. They were kinda skimping on salaries with some of the Actors. Also we will surely see Spidey, Hulk, Captain America and Wolvie at Disney World now and of course Marvel themed rides. Hydro-Man Mountain, Mysterio's Haunted Mansion, EPCOT:ASTROID M. I'm hoping this pushes Marvel to a new frontier but of course we will have to see.

New Rules for the 21st Century

In a Recent Issue of Wired Magazine they list New Rules for Social Media that I found Interesting

1.If your call drops call back
2.Texting is ok while in the company of others
3.If you bought it, you can rip it
4.Provide subjects for all emails
5.Don't Google stalk before a first date
6.If you can't find buy it online feel free to bittorent
7.Never broadcast your relationship status
8.Don't Lie with your Facebook photo
9."Shuffle" is not a cocktail party playlist
10.Balance your media diet
11.No more than 20 tweets in 24 hours
12.Online Conversations are not all about you
13.Don't use a photo of your child as your profile pic
14.Friend your boss but not your boss's boss. Follow them both on twitter
15.Ignore your Ex on Facebook
16.Don't send e-cards
17.Ditch the headset
18.Put on your costume at the Con
19.Don't Blog or tweet anything that has more than half a million hits.
20.Never BCC Anyone
21.Delete unwanted posts from your Facebook wall
22.Hunger and Fatigue are not interesting status updates
23.Leave your Wi-Fi open
24.Seek out Coworkers on Facebook
25.The Driver controls the Ipod
26.Break up privately before you break up in public
27.Be mindful of your personal space
28.Ignore Facebook polls
29.Never apologize for a lame tweet or blog post
30.Don't Work all the time.You'll live to regret it
31.Wearing Headphones means "Do not disturb".
32.Never unfollow someone just because they unfollowed you

Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 Years Gone- Remembering Woodstock '99 Road Trip

I remember when Woodstock 99 was announced. I was so excited about all these bands and how awesome this could be. My two best friends and I immediately purchased the 150 dollar tickets and began planning a massive two week road trip that we would never forget.

On the way we hit up camping at Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky. Beats the hell outta paying for a hotel. We set up our tent by a river branch and that's where we spent our first night off of the road.

Next stop we hit was Paramount's King Island in Cincinnati, OH. Here we relieved some tension riding the likes of The Top Gun, Face Off and the Beast.

Cleveland, OH would be the next stop. We checked out Jacob's Field and alot of downtown. Unfortunately for us The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was closed due to a concert going on that night. Really wanted to check that out.

So we finally make our way to the former Griffis Air Force Base in Rome, NY. The site was surrounded by a high plywood and steel fence with many different hand painted designs. This with the five hundred state troopers were intended to keep out ticket less intruders.

The first day was spent setting up our tent in What seemed like miles and miles of them. We always had an adventure trying to find it every night around 3 am. We also checked out a few lesser known bands playing that day. The boiling heat would make sure we were up early for the next day.

James Brown Kicked off the event with his amazing band. The following acts appeared at the event

Alanis Morissette, Big Sugar, Bruce Hornsby, Buckcherry, Bush, The Chemical Brothers, Collective Soul, Creed featuring Robby Krieger, Dave Matthews Band, DMX, Elvis Costello, Everclear, Everlast, Fatboy Slim, G.Love and Special Sauce, George Clinton and The P.Funk All-Stars, Godsmack, Guster, Ice Cube, Insane Clown Posse, Jamiroquai, Jewel, John Entwistle, Kid Rock, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Lit, Live, Megadeth, Metallica, Micky Hart/Planet Drum, Mike Ness, Moby, The Offspring, Oleander, Our Lady Peace, Rage against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Rusted Root, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Sevendust, Sheryl Crow, The Tragically Hip, Willie Nelson and Wyclef Jean with the Refugee All Stars.

As you can see something for everyone. What wasn't for everyone were the exorbitant prices for food. Small personal pizzas were twelve dollars, 20 ounce sodas and water four dollars. The number of Toilets did not total enough for the number attending and became unusable in a short time. The water fountains were destroyed until water was constantly flowing which caused the ground to become muddy. There were reports of Rape and violence but I witnessed none first hand. In fact I didn't see much of the fires and destruction until leaving the event, Vendors were robbed and People were throwing people shirts as they left. A car was turned over in front of the gate. The thirtieth anniversary of the original event promoting peace ended up like a revolution of a small country.

Being there for the music myself, I had a great experience. The event will go down in history for the violence and rage. With over 200,000 attendees I'm sure there are plenty others that had an overall great experience. We finished out the trip with New York City, Baltimore and a great tourist stop in Washington D.C. where we looked at all the usual fare. When I returned I also had orange hair but that's another story. There haven't been any Woodstock Anniversary events since this one and it's a shame. The moral of this story is don't be an idiot and ruin something for everyone else.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lost American Icons Part One: The Cigarette pack in Rolled up T-shirt Sleeve

Before Cargo Shorts there was the all purpose White T-Shirt sleeve roll up. You knew he was cool because he wore it on his sleeve. RIP Cigarette rolled up sleeve. You are truly missed

In honor of the town of Arcadia, LA finally getting a Burger King

Friday, August 28, 2009

For the cute lil sorceress in your family!

On a steel horse I ride......

I remember well when I was a kid going "riding" as my parents called it. Making a loop in the country with them hearing the latest ZZ top album and simply having a good time. On one of these adventures my dad turned down a little dirt road known by the locals as "Burner Hill". At the end of this road was a what looked to be mile high to me, oil pump. We pull over and get out and stretch our legs and my Dad starts toward the iron giant. Against my mom's good judgement, he ventures up the ladder leading up to the top of the teetering pump. Then what follows became seared into my young mind. He climbs on and rides the oil pump. I'm a mix of emotions that include fear and envy.My Dad was the Hero of the Day.

Flash Forward some years and we are coming down the same road. We get out and I look up at the giant steel beast. My Dad looks over at me and says to me "give it a shot". Of course I'm once again mixed with fear and the need to tame this animal. So I slowly climb the ladder, each rung bringing a feeling of liberation. When i get to the top I throw my leg over the rocking section. The feeling that came that day riding an oil pump of all things was so great. If your ever riding down an old road and come upon one, don't think twice. Jump on. I promise you'll never forget it....

Droppin a blog on y'all!

Well after getting into twitter I have decided to break outta the 140 character restriction and get medievel on your asses. Weird, zany, downright proposterous, and hopefully inspirational things coming your way on a daily basis(don't hold your breath, no money back guarentees on this) So tighten your chinstrap and brace yourself. It's all downhill from here!