Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reads of the Week

Superman: Secret Origins #1

Geoff Johns, check. Gary Frank, check. Superman at it's best, check. This book is fun and beautiful to look at. I expected this to be great and it is.

Spider Woman #1

I love Bendis and Maleev together! I'm just about finished on their Daredevil run and this book seems more like the Bendis I love. Hope it stays that way.

Since I liked so many books this week, I also want to throw in that the Old Man Logan conclusion was great also. Kinda like the Unforgiven with Superheros. Can't wait till my hardcover comes in where I can read all together at once. (Mark Millar book)


glitterfaith said...

Interesting that you have chosen old classic comics with a new twist.

Jerry Rhodes said...

Nice observation!

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