Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reads of the Week

Fantastic Four 570

I have to say my knowledge of Fantastic Four is slim to none. The Millar/Hitch Run is the longest run of FF I've read. After that run I wasn't sure if I was gonna keep picking up the book. I'm loving what Jonathan Hickman is doing with Nick Fury and the Secret Warriors so I gave this first issue a shot. Amazing, he's bringing this book back to the core. Dale Eaglesham's art is also giving the book justice. I followed his and Geoff Johns' entire run on Justice Society, but he has definitely kicked it up a notch. If you are looking for a fun monthly book with an excellant jumping on point, pick up a copy of FF 570

The Noboby by Jeff Lemire

Being a big fan of Lemire's work I figured I would like this automatically and I was right. He really knows his small towns and I'm liking the addition of blue to the scale. Got this book signed and sketched at SDCC this year and it makes a really great addition to my bookshelf. Pick it up! Just great cover to cover.


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