Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reads of the Week

Little late with this edition but just got to finish up my books tonight.

Green Lantern 46- Sinestro proves he's the ultimate bad ass. Johns continues his epic Blackest Night tale and it keeps getting better

G.I. Joe:Cobra Special

The G.I. Joe:Cobra Mini was my favorite of the three Joe titles. This special features tomax and xamot, the mirror twins in Cobra. The story is split in two feature the point if view of each twin. I would be fine if the Cobra book was the only Joe title.

Batman:Widening Gyre 2

I'm really liking Kevin Smith's Batman. Cacophony was a fun 3 issue series but this one is already becoming better.

Batman is getting help by a goat masked vigilante that seems to be able to give bats the slip. After thinking about all the kids he has trained he is intrigued in taking on an adult partner instead of jeopardizing another young life.

I really like the flash backs of him and the original Robin. Pick this up of you want some Bruce Wayne Batman.


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