Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Cinema: Zombieland

Checked out Zombieland last night and boy what an expierence! It all started out with a row of snarky college kids sitting directly behind us. After filling them with some Holy Ghost, the movie starts with slow motion zombie chasing human scenes with Metallica's "For Whom the Bell tolls" blaring in the background.

The cast is pretty much perfect. Jesse Eisenberg plays the awkward 20 something with ease and is very funny. Woody Harrelson plays the dimwit badass with a passion for twinkies. Emma Stone plays the streetsmart sexy con artist along with Abigail Breslin as her sister partner in crime. Also noteworthy is Bill Murray's cameo as himself.

About midway through the movie we got a shock. An audience member began to violently shake and make what ironically sounded like zombie moans. After he continued to shake people realized he was having a siezure. The movie was stopped , the lights brought up and the paramedics tended to him and carried him out on a stretcher. Hope everything is ok with you pal.

The movie is fired back up and it didn't take long for the laughs to start back. This movie is enjoyable from start to finish. Would definetely see again. Go have fun and see it!


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